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Introducing the 175 Glamourous Textures Kit | Agate stone + Rose Gold Textures This is my biggest textures kit to date, these are all new never before seen textures.

Pink Agate Stone Digital Papers

Pink Agate Stone Digital Papers

These are not textures from any of my previous bundles. These are the highest quality TEXTURES on the internet.

Pink Marble Digital Papers

Pink Marble Digital Papers

There are a variety of handmade & handcrafted textures to choose from which include…

White Marble Digital Papers

White Marble Digital Papers

agate stone, marble, rose gold marble, rose gold glitter marble, gold textures, glitter textures, sequins, Unicorn textures, unicorn Digital paper, white marble, grey marble, stone marble and rose gold textures.

🍩 Even comes with Extended License!  🍩

…..But wait theres more 😊 ~ HERES WHAT YOU GET MY CREATIVES! ~ Agate stone + Rose Gold Textures

    • 10 rose gold Agate stone 12×12 300 DPI Digital paper in jpg format
    • 32 Individual transparent brush strokes 2 sets of color schemes
    • 27 gold textures 12×12 300 DPI Digital papers in jpg format
    • 27 Rose gold foil textures 300 DPI Digital paper in jpg format
    • 27 Rose gold glitter texures 300 DPI Digital paper in jpg format
    • 10 Rose gold glitter marbles 300 DPI Digital paper in jpg format
    • 27 Glitter Sequin textures 300 DPI Digital paper in jpg format
    • ~ BONUS! ~ 12 custom styles I created 300 DPI (photoshop styles)
    • 27 Unicorn Textures 300 DPI Digital paper in jpg format
    • 37 White Marble textures
Unicorn Digital Papers

Unicorn Digital Papers

THATS A TOTAL OF 236 Textures, Digital papers, elements and brush strokes! Get creative! Create all kinds of design goodness with this massive texture bundle! Perfect for blog headers, blog design, logo design. Create a stunning Instagram post with this amazing design kit!

Frequently asked questions:

🍩- What fonts did you use?🍩
👽Alistair Signature Front cover also used beautiful in bloom, Oraniebaum, the mercury on the brushtrokes

🍩Can I use for commercial use?🍩

👽 You can use these textures and brush strokes as long as you do not redistribute them as your own they must be part of a new design that is non-competing with my shop.

🍩Why are my images Blurry?🍩

👽You must zoom in 100% to see the full resolution ITS the simple things that we never think of.

🍩Does this work on canvas & pic monkey?🍩

👽 All the files are jpg format except the 12 bonus photoshop styles so yes, they would work in canva. However those programs are not professional editing programs.

🍩There’s nothing in the folder?🍩

👽 Congratulations you just unzipped a folder that wasn’t completely downloaded. Your internet failed you, it happens to the best of us. Please download again and make sure your internet stays connected this time my creative.

🍩Do you offer help or assistance?🍩

👽 Hells yeah I do, I have a channel where you can watch free Photoshop and design tutorials.