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Assorted Berries psd – These are movable isolated objects on smart layers, For photoshop. This is a .psd file that easy to edit. To edit on the smart layer double click on the smart layer in the layers panel. If you don’t want the images to be smart layers simply right click and rasterize.

Import info about smart objects, you can resize and decrease the object without it altering the original quality I suggest saving the .psd and creating a new one if you plan on rasterizing any of the image objects.

Copyright info: You may use these images as much as you like once purchased to create designs for clients or personal use. You may not redistribute or sell these images.

Purpose of creating pre-cut ready made one single file, png’s, cutouts for Photoshop. I found when doing projects I had a scattered amount of images and assets that either needed to be edited or cut out.
This can be very time-consuming and frustrating, these pre-made .psd files allow me to select an object or variation of objects for a project quickly and it’s neatly stored under the file name in one easy quick access file.

Save money on Purchasing files, having to cut them out and edit them these files are ready to go. Just drag and drop into your project.