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Here is a Beautiful Premium Font Collection I have collected. This collection is a must have for Graphic designers you really cant go wrong with these fonts. This font collection will bring life to any typography, logo design or Identity branding project. You really cant get these fonts anywhere else at what we are offering here.

Beautiful Premium Font Collection Examples


This font is so gorgeous! There are literally 100’s of possibilities that you can create with this style. I have yet to find a font that comes so close to a brush type script that is both high resolution and a great quality font. This premium font is fabulous for T-shirt, typography or any type of print project really. I highly recommend this font and the other premium fonts in its collection.


How to install the Beautiful Premium Font Collection

For windows got the control panel> appearance and personalization > Fonts . and just drop the fonts in there. Its really simple. I only wish that windows came with a built in font organizer. But we cant have it all. What would life be without some bumps and obstacles?


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