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Introducing the Photoshop Brush Mega Pack. Want a massive list of Photoshop Brushes already organized and collected in neatly organized files? Set it and forget you just have to copy and past this massive Photoshop brush mega pack into your Adobe brush folder.

I have the entire file zipped and ready for you to download. For the first time ever get my entire Photoshop brush collection Pre-organized by Type. For example, all hair and eyelashes brushed are saved in its own set.

PS Brush Megapack

This is the Photoshop Brush Mega Pack this is the last brush pack you will ever need. This Photoshop brush pack will save you days and weeks of time scouring the internet, paying for brushed and still not as effective as my pack.

PS Brush Megapack

PS Brush Megapack

Whats Included:

• Hair & eyelash Brushes
• Mist & Fog brushes
• Cloud Brushes
• Water/cloud brushes
• Sky, tear, and sand Brushes
• Statue and rock brushes
• Wings & Feather Brushes
• Skin, nails and smudge brushes
• Light shadow & sparkle Brushes
• Mermaid, dragon & fantasy brushes
• Birds, bats & Dove’s brushes
• animals & reptile’s brushes
• Fractures, glass and crack brushes
• Fairies, butterflies, dragonfly’s brushes
• Insects, cobwebs and spider brushes
• Name brands, Logos, DVD & cd Brushes
• weather, rain, water, snow, fall brushes
• Gothic, vampire, skulls, graveyard brushes
• Foliage, flowers, petals, leaves brushes
• Pencil, charcoal and art brushes

There are way too many categories to list so I did not list every single brush category, but if you can think it up, it’s most likely in this pack. It’s massive. This will take up 2GB on your hard drive. These Brushes are compatible with Pc Photoshop cs3 -Photoshop cc 2015.